Innovation Month: Doing more with less webinar

June 15, 2021



Projects in the life science sector can often have a high expense associated due to costly reagents, consumables, equipment and sometimes the need for additional lab specialists (universities may also charge additional facilities fees associated with the cost of maintaining laboratory facilities). The challenge of generating a collaborative Biotech project using the EIRA Innovation Vouchers (£7,500) was, however achievable in a variety of ways.

In this event, we will showcase key projects from across the EIRA network that have utilised the small Innovation Voucher grants and enabled Biotech businesses in the East of England to harness the power of academic expertise.  The ultimate outcome was for the business to have an increased ability to move a product or idea forward, thus generating downstream benefits to the business and the biotech economy more generally.

The Innovation Voucher offering was positioned to enable initial small-scale studies many of which were intended to provide evidence to support an application for a larger study or research project.

We will be showcasing the EIRA biotech theme and the projects that have gained small scale funding through EIRA.   There will be a chance to hear businesses talk about their experiences of working with Universities and where applicable, how to use seed funding to generate follow-on funding for their research.

This will be an opportunity for ECRs, academics and businesses to learn about the successes and the importance of collaborative research.   This will be especially of interest to start-up and SMEs in the Biotech industry who want to initiate collaborative working relationships using these small research grants.



  • EIRA Biotech introduction and overview of projects
  • Live interviews / videos with academics/businesses/other stakeholders.
  • Panel Q&A


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Members of our team attending

Dr Kenny Lang
Knowledge Exchange Fellow – Biotechnology
Sarah Birch
Knowledge Exchange Lead - Biotechnology
Ed Cappabianca
Knowledge Exchange Lead – Biotechnology