Innovation Month: The role of the Knowledge Exchange Manager in successful Biotech collaborations with Praxis Auril

June 16, 2021



As our knowledge of biology increases so too does the number of innovative solutions being devised by UK life science businesses. Ground breaking products and services that enable clean growth, transform food systems or make radical advances for life saving treatments are fuelling social and economic growth. Increasingly biology is combining with other disciplines such as computing, physics and psychology to make novel discoveries never before possible, offering both challenge and opportunity for Knowledge Exchange professionals

This event will explore the growing importance of cross disciplinary and cross institutional activities for successful biotech innovation now and in the future.

Topics will include:-

  • The multi-disciplinary nature of biotech and its dependanceon access to a range of expertise for future R&D success.
  • The importance of the KE professional as a key part of the process in identifying and bringing together necessary expertise to accelerate innovation.
  • The challenges of multi-disciplinary collaboration and how lessons learned can be used for the future.

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Members of our team attending

Dr Kenny Lang
Knowledge Exchange Fellow – Biotechnology
Sarah Birch
Knowledge Exchange Lead - Biotechnology
Ed Cappabianca
Knowledge Exchange Lead – Biotechnology