Making Money Using Immersive Tech

February 18, 2020

The Hive Enterprise Centre
The Hive Enterprise Centre,
Victoria Avenue,

VINTEC use technologies including Augmented and Virtual Reality to deliver next generation experiential marketing, immersive training and design visualisation.

This paced, fun and engaging workshop includes a light lunch and hands on demonstrations of technologies including Virtual Reality, Holograms, Augmented Reality and interactive displays.

Understand how leading brands and local businesses are profiting as they reach wider audiences using Experiential Marketing.

 Learn how local and global companies are enjoying the huge benefits of Immersive Training using Virtual Reality.

Experience live demonstrations at the VINTEC Innovation Lab. These will include real use cases specific to the audience.

Members of our team attending

Anya Visegorodceva
EIRA Knowledge Exchange Officer
Emma Wakeling
Knowledge Exchange Manager – Digital Creative