The Future of Food

October 24, 2019

Writtle University College - NLT
Northumberland Lecture Theatre
Lordship Campus, Lordship Road


According to the WEF by 2050 a global population of 9.8bn people will require 70% more food than is consumed today – in just 30 years’ time over 2 billion extra mouths will need to be nutritiously fed in a sustainable way. Just implementing changes so to produce more food is not the only solution. Food that is produced must be healthy, sustainable and get to those that need it most, therefore the whole food system requires reform. Thankfully, we are on the verge of another agricultural based revolution that will transform what we produce, how we produce it and how it is distributed.


The opportunities and potential rewards emerging for those involved in these systems are huge. Those that understand why we are in the current situation and what the future might hold will be at a significant advantage. The UK’s biggest manufacturing sector is agri-food. In 2016 it contributed £113 billion to the economy (6.4% of national gross value added). It is vital that British agriculture embraces the opportunities and support that will allow it to thrive in the future.


Success will require working together from farm to fork, linking the economic opportunities with environmental sustainability and social factors.


This event will hear from three experts who will share their views on the key issues and opportunities:


Belinda Clarke (Director Agri-Tech East), Roxanne Martin (Barclays Agri-Tech Innovation Lead) and Kirstie Cochrane (Director EIRA)

  • Pre-event food and networking: 5.30-6.30pm
  • Seminar starts 6.30pm until approximately 8pm


Writtle University College looks forward to warmly welcoming you. Parking will be available on site.

Members of our team attending

Dr Kirstie Cochrane
EIRA Director